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The  Ultimate  Business Course
For Southern California Personal Trainers That Want To Claim Their Independence


How To Market Yourself To High-Paying Clients, Sell Your Services With Ease, Retain Clients Longer With Effective Pricing Strategies And Make More Money As A Personal Trainer.


>> You knew you could get the clients you wanted quickly?

>> Have a streamlined sales process that builds value in your services to eliminate any need for sales pressure?

>> You didn't have to worry about excessive advertising costs?

>> You could work for yourself, get rid of the "sales goals," deliver a better service to your clients and have total control of decision-making?

Do You Feel That You Can't Remain An Employee Forever Or Are Struggling As An Independent Trainer?

You're Not Alone. The Majority Of New Personal Trainers Will Be Out Of The Industry Within Just 12 Months!

This Is A Real Problem.

The turnover rate within the industry is alarming, but almost entirely preventable. So why is it so high?

In most cases, a newly certified trainer has just 2 paths forward:

1) Get hired by a gym, making 20%-50% of the training revenue they generate, plus some bonuses for hitting goals.

2) Go independent, renting space at an established gym or even opening their own studio.  

Since most new trainers know they need training experience, want to learn the ropes while getting paid to do it, and lack the skills necessary to succeed on their own, they take the employment path.

I've spoken with countless employee-trainers that are frustrated because what they thought would be a rewarding career by helping people and making good money doing it, they feel stuck.

>> Feeling like the industry is all about sales and not helping people.

>> Working early and late.

>> Feeling like there's no way out unless they get promoted, but they enjoy training.

>> Wondering what, if anything, they can do to be better at the business side.

>> Thinking that if its difficult here, it's only going to be more difficult on their own.

While these problems are very real and difficult, they're not unique.

This Is NOT What You Signed Up For.

As An Employee, You Do 100% Of The Prospecting. You Do 100% Of The Selling. You Do 100% Of The Training. Why Aren't You Getting Paid 100% Of The Money?

Hi, I'm Doug Brown

I'm a former ad-agency owner, fitness studio owner and business consultant who helps aspiring fitness entrepreneurs learn how to start, grow and scale their personal training businesses. I thoroughly believe that more trainers need help in these areas so they can, in turn, help more clients achieve their goals - all while the trainer makes a substantial income. 

By learning the marketing necessary to thrive along with a modern sales process, personal trainers can finally make more money, work far fewer hours for it, and have the financial, schedule and lifestyle flexibility they desire. 

Let's be honest, money makes a difference. It's the difference of whether you have the leverage over your own situation to one day consider opening your own studio, or doing any of the things you want to do now and in the future.

Gaining the knowledge you'll need to be successful for years to come will prevent you from making the mistakes that trainers make when they just wing it.

Not Knowing The Information In The Course Is Costing You MUCH More Than The Price Of It

Let's look at the 10 most common mistakes made by self-employed personal trainers. They...

>> Have too much pride to ask for help

>> Stop advertising to "save money"

>> Undervalue or don't recognize the importance of the relationships they form with their clients

>> Don't put themselves in a position to have stable, predictable income

>> Don't put their prospect in a position to sell themselves

>> Assume rate is more important than cost to the prospect

>> Assume the length of the session is more important than the quality of it

>> Are not charging enough

>> They discount their services in order to make a sale

>> Look at their business as a whole, rather than for its parts

With The Right Education, You Can Easily Avoid These Common Mistakes!

The  Ultimate  Business Course

The Ultimate Business Course is current and aspiring independent personal trainers that actually teaches you how to market yourself effectively to get clients, modern sales and pricing techniques techniques to make more money and much, much more.

In The 1-on-1, In-Person Course, You'll Discover:

>> How to market yourself effectively at a much lower cost that gets you clients at a high hourly rate

>> The best places to advertise and how to make the most out of them

>> The single most important question you MUST ask each prospect you meet with

>> A sales process designed to eliminate all pressure while closing at a very high rate

>> How to overcome objections the RIGHT way and get the client to tell you the REAL problem

>> How to communicate with your prospects more clearly to give you an edge in sales

>> The #1 thing you SHOULD do with every prospect you meet with

>> How to make your services more affordable WITHOUT discounting or devaluing your services

>> The specific questions you need to ask your prospect WHILE YOU'RE WITH THEM to get them talking (and selling themselves)

Plus Much More!

It makes ZERO sense to take unnecessary risks with your career.

Learn The Things You NEED To Get The Things You WANT. 

What's Inside
The Ultimate Business Course?

Come Away With:

>> How to brand yourself and advertise like a pro to build a client roster quickly.

>> The absolute best platforms to advertise on that will generate leads and get you clients while saving you time and money.


Come Away With:

>> A streamlined sales process from start to finish that is designed to build value in you and your services quickly.

>> A process that removes ALL of the sales pressure to make it easy for your client to start.


Come Away With:

>> How to lay out your options clearly to make the buyer's decision-making process easy.

>> How to make your services affordable for the budget-conscious without discounting or devaluing your services.


Come Away With:

>> How to easily and professionally overcome any objection thrown at you, including "let me think about it," "I need to talk to my spouse," "the cost is too high", "I've had a bad experience with a trainer before" and more to make the most out of every single opportunity.


Come Away With:

>> The best payment processing and scheduling apps that help you keep more of your money, keep you organized and save you time.

>> The paperwork you need to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances.


Come Away With:

>> How to make more money while NOT training more and more hours so you don't burn out.

>> How to manage the growth of your business so you're never overwhelmed.

Plus Much More!
  • 3 Months Of Continued Support ($197 Value)

    We can't cover every circumstance that comes up in one week.

    >> Get immediate, direct help when the need arises.

    >> Never feel lost or alone at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

    >> Ask questions, consider ideas and more.

    >> FREE Bonus

One-on-One, In-Person Ultimate Business Course ($497 Value)
FREE Consultation
Free Bonus - 3 Months Of Continued Support ($197 Value)

Sale price limited time only. MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted. Please contact me for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the course take to get through?

The course takes about 6-8 hours to get through, and I usually separate the course over 2-3 days, when possible. This helps each trainer (and me) to not feel rushed, and to answer questions along the way. For trainers further outside of San Diego, the course can be completed in a single day with multiple breaks.

Are other services available to me?

Yes! Since not all students require the additional services, I don't offer them in a bundle with the course. For students that complete the course, other services such as website design/building, ad account setup and others are available for a smaller additional fee.

How does the consultation work?

During our consultation on the phone or in person, we'll cover a range of topics, such as: 1) Your short-term and long-term goals. 2) Your current skills and exeperiences. 3) Answering your questions about me and/or the course.

Why is the course only 1-on-1 and in-person (not online)?

To make the most of the course, I always prefer being 1-on-1 instead of a group. From my experience, more questions are asked and more information is retained this way. Plus, since each trainer is unique, the course will apply to each individual differently. For these reasons, I always like to be in-person, too. The point of the course isn't to "get through it," it's to learn the information to set you up for short- and long-term success.


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